4001 7.5X17 4X100 ET55 CR/PL -1248

KVA 030

6108 9.5X19 5X120 ET20 S -0

KVA 062

1810R 8.5X20 5X112 ET45 S -0

KVA 018

4501 8.5X18 5X112 ET42 BL/GL -1028

KVA 045

About us

KVA Wheels is an European company of high quality wheels for cars
with more than 10 years of experience in the wheel business.

Goal of KVA Wheels is to cooperate with distributors, wholesalers, pure B2B.

KVA Wheels intens to build on mutual beneficial business with professional partners.
Internet ordering and handeling enables KVA Wheels to offer her partners very attractive prices for high quality products.